before trash / by Ezbe Pfau

Popcorn-bag, soda-can, lawn chair, candy wrapper, straw, coffee lid, diaper, salad box, chip bag, jar lid, sandwich bag, spork, drink bottle...all marvels of our human ingenuity. We made these things and we delight in their ability to contain, cover, enclose, and order our world; providing us with single serving simplicity. When they are bright, and new, and fresh, we hold them close, at the ready, to protect, and deliver our desired single service or ingredient.

These tools, made of the earth, as are we; raw materials reassembled into millions of unique combinations. What makes us so different, from these reorganized chemical parts, is our ability to reflect, to see, to cognate on that which we have made. Our ability to mastermind these items is still our greatest asset when it comes to the steps ahead. We must first unravel our relationship to these items, why do we covet and claim in one instant, toss with disgust, the next?