what is dream Farming about?

      "We have art in order not to die of the truth" Friedrich Nietzsche

      dreamFarming = the alchemy of fertile ideas

      Nature contains no boxes; why then, do we build them in our minds, and especially in our hearts? We have a choice: to act from a place of love, or fear.

      Seeking a 'higher purpose' after decades of hair artistry, surfacing a passion for ecological justice, and completing an MBA, I discovered my inner ocean champion. Soon I realized the scale of broken (non profit, financial, academic, organizational ) systems; tenaciously held together by will, denial, fear and paperclips.

      Moving on from driving a World Ocean Protocol, a Treaty for the Global Commons, and The 5 Oceans Prize and YES, still believing that prizes must, and ought to drive massive ocean-wide plastic recovery.

      What makes sense is art, food sovereignty and community; the practice of resilience and the search for Truth.

      Creativity is the antidote to fear.

      In my lifetime, I seek to serve those entrepreneurial ventures that challenge the status quo, 'make the old model obsolete' and reignite what made this country so fantastic: American Innovation.

      Earning our keep as residents of this one Earth, means we must face our growing crisis with courage and move forward to implement practical improvements.

      Jeffery Hollender asks: "How can we change our value proposition from 'selling desirable products' to 'solving difficult problems?' "

      Lifetime advocate, former hairdresser, now green MBA, seeking to serve as guiding force, developing ideas to improve man's crisis on Earth. With 23 years experience running a hairdressing business, adapting to ever changing needs requires building a foundation of well tended and lasting relationships.  

      Interdisciplinary Designer, weaving a narrative across Art, Literature, Music and Culture. Knitting the connections between actions and beliefs; articulating our core human emotions through the vehicle of design, in a creative, logical and visual format.

      Ultimately, I endeavor to cultivate more than human experiences that dwarf our soon to be obsolete habit of consumption.

      Design & Build
      Connected Networking
      Business Development
      Visual Facilitation
      Creative Direction

      excerpt (edited) from (my) dating profile

      The One Straw Revolution, by Fukuoka, the original slow food manifesto is ‘Zen and the Art of Farming’ and is about the nature of life, food, and right livelihood. Reading OSR or being a revolutionary is not a requirement, albeit, I am the modern equivalent of a revolutionary, a change agent; not something everyone is comfortable with. Buckminster Fuller sums up my ethos in this quote, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

      I think we can agree that most of these profiles sound awesome, yet are very much alike.  We are a well-mannered, multi-interested bunch of good-looking, fun-loving, and honest folks, all looking to find that certain someone. Everyone is a vast library of amazingness; our puzzle is to find which library fits best with our own?

      What many profiles lack are the deal breakers, those particular habits we are attached to, and that may not work for another person. Some of my habits I willingly gave up for my partners, and yet some I cannot shake regardless of my best efforts to expunge them, and still there are habits yet to be discovered. A night owl who prefers frites with mayo, owns as many men’s shoes and cowboy boots, as heels. I am not a girly girl, am insatiably curious, and pets sleep on the bed. I know way too much about coffee, hairdressing, fish and now cheese. I don’t drink, and I prefer the company of people who are working towards being as present as possible. I choose to live my next decades, in Technicolor, without tweaking the input levels. So far I like it, even though it shapes where I go, how long I stay, and the company I keep.

      The important thing is, I am a shore walker who occupies the edge, who seeks a neutral, harmonious Earthprint. Whaaa? Living face to face with plastic defines much of my work, building social ventures aimed directly at this target. And this why I am an edge dweller, or as my friend so succinctly said, “You know, I think you've decided to go where the real work is in life...which is really brave, because there is absolutely zilch guarantee of comfort there, outside of what you find within you. That said, I think your path is likely to converge with others that are headed the same direction.”

      That’s me. (hey, how did I get in this nutshell?). I love my family, dogs, am funny, and can do most anything, fearlessly attempting most anything once. I am happy in overalls or heels, because I am always myself.

      Are you my people? I have skills. I seek community, service and co-creators to build what hasn't yet been imagined.